Contemplations, Goals and Realisations...

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Chasing Dreams...

Few days back, I used to spend a quiet time over a bench of beautiful garden near my apartment. Apart from scenic beauty, I found number of kids used to practise their stunts in skateboards.
Once, I remember a scrawny white boy trying a flip trick (action performed to rotate in air by pressing a tail of skate with a backfoot to get front wheels leave the ground first for the stunt). Unfortunately, he felt terribly in ground and found himself lying there for few moments. Around 8-9 of his peers watched him fall and started laughing and enjoying his downfall. When all his peers found him lying in the ground for more than 20-30 seconds, couple of them came forward for help and lifted him up but couldn’t yet control their laugh. They made a mockery of his attempt. Huh! I can’t forget the face of that little boy, it turned red instantly and he seemed very angry. Although, he was quiet and tried to bear all the fun made of him.
Next day, I saw that boy again but this time, along with a skateboard, he had a small bandage in his hand. He looked quiet and was not trying a flip trick with his skateboard, fearing that he may fall and would be a matter of laugh again. However, he was doing a simple smooth skate for the rest of the day and he followed same routine for few of the subsequent days as well.
After a week, I have found him coming a bit early to garden and practise alone, a fliptrick and I was stunned to see him fall numerous times trying to get right something. It seemed that he was passionate about doing some stunt which he had in his mind. Me being unsure of what he was doing, I just focused on other interesting things which were apparent to my eyes.
Moreover, just after an hour, his friends joined him and they were playing together joyously. Suddenly, I found him accelerating the speed of his skateboard and passing his friends with a buzz signalling that today he’ll do something more which is expected out of him. His friend increased their speed as well to give him competition. The said small competition amongst kids grabbed my eye ball for a while. The kid who had fallen before, had different sense of seriousness in his eyes today. As he wanted to prove something. He looked more careful, responsible and serious and than sooner the time came when I found him jumping in the air with his skateboard and rolling like a cyclone in the air and coming back to his skateboard again. I thought WOW.
Most of the people in the garden who watched it remained stunned for few moments. Thereafter, everyone applauded and appreciated him but he remained busy in skating unbothered for a while and kept on skating. Later on few of his peers came to him for his advice to help them in getting their moves right. During the conversation with his colleagues, his eyes sparked confidence, pride and deep satisfaction. I left these beautiful creatures and walked back home thinking -
Terrific – the challenge this little kid posed for himself, he has achieved it. Hmmm! this situation has a similarity with our lives as well. There are certain things which we really want to do from the core of our heart but we can’t do it because we’re not, may be, very good at it. Hence, we stop trying due to multitudinous surrounding fears. Most common ‘how he/they will think?’ and we compromise. Slowly it becomes our habit to compromise. Sad… Sad… Sad…
However, still there are few exists, who are really passionate about what they are doing and keep on following the direction suggested by their heart and battle out most hurdles in their way, head on, in a hope to chase something which they truly wants. They have a belief that they’re capable of reaching that part which their mind has perceived.Yes, I’ve seen their ways are not smooth and stable, and at times, really wierd which opens up a gate for loads of aspersions thrown over them. But, yes they keep on moving, moving ahead crossing various milestones in their way in order to achieve a target which their heart had setted for them.
These are some special genes who follows their heart and not their brain. As brain generally brings you mind blowing pay checks but a person who follows their heart and gets to the place which he believes he deserve, brings him a deep sense of satisfaction. I have seen that the eyes of such champions reflects the spark of their ambitions and they chase it passionately which makes them a class apart.
These people are least bothered about money but more concerned about winning each challenge which they poses for themselves and that give them immense pacification in their life.
Slowly, this habit dissolves in their personality and makes them really big.
I have observed this scenario in the case of Sachin Tendulkar and Ranbir Kapoor. They are so humble and grounded but their work talks for them. Salute… and they inspire me a lot…


Only Bad Mornings in Mumbai...

Office-Home-Office-Home-Office-Home ---) WEEKEND.
AGAIN - Office-Home-Office-Home-Office-Home…
This routine continues without any end here in MUMBAI, at least, for me.
I have to start my day really early due to ugly office timings.
Before I inhale fresh air in the morning, pressure dances at the background of my mind compelling me to get ready for office. There is no time whatsoever to think more than what is required to live a mechanical mediocre life here. They say - one has to be on their feet to cope up with the pace of the city, else, life collapses.
True, till certain extent, as I get ready quickly at morning and get out of my flat to catch auto in order to further catch train from station. I have observed that ego of Auto Driver here soars high during morning hours and to get opportunity to sit in their rickshaw render more happiness to me than salary day. After adjusting big bums in small seats of rickshaw, somehow I manage to reach Station. After reaching Station, I insert ear phones and switch on radio to hear my beloved RJ (.) and rush to platform finding way between uncontrollable caboodle of people.
To get entry in train here is more difficult than cracking interview for top tier job. How I manage it? One may never understand it unless they experience the same.
Actually, my parents ensured that I get quality education in good educational institutions throughout my student life, so that I’ll become civilized member of the society. But to my or may be (Society’s) misfortune, to get entry in train, I have to embrace my wildest instinct.
Once you are in, try to find stability in your posture and close your eyes. Otherwise, either you’ll break down or lose hope on humanity. Also, your eyes shall be compelled to see best ever bald oily heads and simultaneously someone will fornicate you. One doesn’t have any option but to passively tolerate it.
After all this onerous experience, if one reaches office and get diplomatic accolades for getting late. I don’t have words to retort against such aspersions.
Life’s tough but still a nice song in your radio station channel may help you forget and forgive everything but the same rhythm goes on and on…

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I want to Breathe...

I want to kill myself. Give me a fresh life. Erase my memories. I need a painless heart.
Huh! Why I am thinking like this?
What was the shortcoming in my love? Am I too bad? You know I have given everything with best of my intention. Almost, sold my soul for someone’s happiness.
God! Control me, I want to live. Please grant me life.
It is paining a lot everyday in my heart but I’m forgiving everyone as you said. Put an end to it. Now, I don’t want to cry. Let me breathe smoothly.
I want to be myself again. Please grant me some more emotions, as already exhausted everything.
I don’t wanna stifle, give me more strength to fight and allow me to breathe.
Again I want to love myself... Plz...


Its enough for me...

I'll try to go very far where sound of prevailing DEVIL cannot reach.

At present, everything in my life is at stake. I need to do something imperative, very quickly.

Common, its time to show the varchaswa.

If not now than when?

If not me than who?

Bye Bye for unknown time.

If destiny will allow than again put my personal graffiti herein...


Unforgettable Memories...

Ball in the air, every eyes present in the field chasing the distance it inclined to cover. More than half of the players were certain that ball will cross the frivolously designed boundary rope but Sandeep hoped otherwise. Unfortunately like always, Sandeep was again too optimistic in his expectations. As ball crossed the boundary line, it was apparent that the result was not in favour of Sandeep’s team.

Before that with long run up Sandeep dared enough to experiment with the last delivery of the match. It was loopy slow full toss inviting eventful smash from batsman. Scenario was 5 runs needed in last ball and Sudeep stroked the monstrous six in the limited over casual cricket match, regularly played by certain teenagers for amusement in small uneven ground of Tagore Nagar.

Sudeep raised his bat with cushy smile and plodded slowly towards Bunti Bhaiya to celebrate their win. Like passionate lovers they hugged each other to elevate the quantum of their excitement.

Moreover, Sandeep with loose shoulder, glaring towards his shoes soon reached near stumps and kicked it with frustration to wipe out its presence from that rough pitch.

“Why my efforts do not emanate fruitful results?” Sandeep shared his view with Bunti Bhaiya in toned voice.

“Don’t worry Sandeep; you are too sensitive to accept realities. It was just a game. Result changes with time and space,” yelled Bunti Bhaiya endeavouring to ease out the matter. His normal suggestions are also injected with rational content, in fact very difficult to ignore. Automatically, it needed to be followed in order to avoid twitchy tensions.

Thereafter, with cricketing gadgets in hand Sandeep and Sudeep with Bunti Bhaiya scudded back to their home. Others also went to their respective destination through different way.

Sudeep was calm and quite but Sandeep consistently investigated Bunti Bhaiya’s thought on various other subjects. Sudeep like a mute spectator kept on walking without giving due importance to our chirpy talks.

“Totally, his actions are governed by his mood,” Sandeep pondered while observing Sudeep.

Soon they reached home. After tasting some delectable edibles, Sandeep rang up Bunti Bhaiya to update his plans for the coming night.

“Hello, I am tensed for tomorrow. What kind of question may come? Done with Mathematics and Analytical Reasoning part, still more attention needed to be given for General Knowledge,” shared Sandeep with rapid speed in his elocution.

“Hmmmm – don’t worry, everything will be alright,” said Bunti Bhaiya.

“What should I do? Can I leave general knowledge part? No, I’m just revising what we studied till yesterday. That’s it,” Sandeep answered his own question herein. Hard to stop him when he expresses his feelings, Bunti Bhaiya knew it better than anybody. So, he also learnt to improvise situations perfectly in accordance with Sandeep’s nature.

“Ohhh! By the way, what’s Radha Ji doing?” said Bunti Bhaiya. With stunned ennui, Sandeep understood that Bunti Bhaiya, through his wit compelling him to transform his mood. Very easy for Sandeep to do it, as people like him can’t pressurize their mind too much.

History behind Radha Ji is enthralling. During 10+2 days, when Sandeep’s joint family sleep at night time, he used to jump from his balcony and find his way surreptitiously till he climb up to Bunti Bhaiya’s house. Central thrust of such thief kind of escapism is to learn mathematics in order to get passing marks in final examination. Bunti Bhaiya than was a mining engineer and very intelligent gentleman, being seven years elder to Sandeep.

Unfortunately, studies take time to initiate when best friends sit together. Although, Bunti Bhaiya was Sandeep’s teacher here but they shared incredible flawless tuning between them. That commencing mathematics in his cool room with computer at desk was quite a task. As a result, Sandeep always surge his intellectual capacity to elicit idea which may add some new enthralling flavour in their memories.

His eye catches landline telephone. Wow, his instinctive response, eyes got widened taking shape of button. Sandeep went near the phone and managed to play with its frizzy wires. Later, he felicitated his uneasiness by carefully rotating each of its tangible part.

“Wrong Number,” said Sandeep. It was enough for Bunti Bhaiya to divulge the frantic idea of his younger friend.

“Worth trying, but which number,” shuffled Bunti Bhaiya. Given Indication was enough to reciprocate that permission being granted to Sandeep for beginning extreme mischief at mid-night.

Soon Sandeep dialed unknown number by quickly pressing certain numbers through his whims. Ring tuned and he went attentive.

“Hello, May I talk to Radha Ji?” astonishingly said by Sandeep.

“To whom you want to talk,” sweet girlish voice came from other end.

“I want to talk with Radha Ji but no matters can chat with you also. No worries at all.” Soberly Sandeep presented his point. Suddenly, contrite thought emerged in Sandeep’s mind and he disconnected line with fear.

Sandeep shared his experience with Bunti Bhaiya who was sitting beside him. They laughed madly and suddenly their phone ring interrupted their merriment. Both saw each other with disappointment.

Sandeep indicated Bunti Bhaiya to pick phone by twisting his eyes. Otherwise in down stairs Bunti Bhaiya’s parent may know about the incident. With brevity, Bunti Bhaiya picked up the phone.

“Fucking idiots, tell me your residence. Don’t have manners. I’m a big bureaucrat of the city. I know how to deal with bloody rapscallion like you,” firm male voice accosted from other end of unknown person.

Sandeep disconnected the phone with scary heart. First time, he felt short of words, difficult for him to face Bunti Bhaiya.

“Don’t worry, we’ll tackle the situation” whispered Bunti Bhaiya.

Again ring buzzed our psyche. Instantaneously, Bunti Bhaiya picked up the phone and regretted for the said mistake in a bold manner.

“Mistake happens by human being only, chill out uncle, next time it will not happen. I’m giving you surety. Try to understand and discard the matter herein only,” said Bunti Bhaiya humbly.

“Caller ID” enfeebled response of Sandeep.

“Ha ha ha, don’t take tension buddy,” said Bunti Bhaiya. He has this canny behaviour to evaluate Sandeep’s feeling at times of silence. It amazes Sandeep and soar his love for this unmatchable friend. Some more call came but ignored by Bunti Bhaiya.

Sandeep slept subsequent to the event and returned back to his home in early morning. Passion for study elapsed and mood became awkward.

“Why the bloody tragedy occurs in my life?” said Sandeep to himself with sarcastic smile. Rotated his head towards sky and blinked one eye. Don’t know why but he confuse near by peoples with such kind of self-important activities.

Next day, they met each other. Bunti Bhaiya was quite. So, Sandeep tried to outburst the tranquility by saying Radha Ji. Thereafter, he laughed wildly.

Bunti Bhaiya was still calm, wiped glass of his specs with white handkerchief and told something which buried artificial happiness of Sandeep.

“Luckily, just saved from disaster,” said Bunti Bhaiya. He further explained that few people lodged complaint against him regarding event of last night to his father.

“My parents somehow tackled the situation, as those people had time to collect my address from telephone exchange and came to my home in order to search felon,” said Bunti Bhaiya.

“Bloody rascals, don’t have any other work,” scanty observation of Sandeep presented with responsible husk.

“God! Some people born with spare time,” indubitably Bunti Bhaiya elicited.

Sandeep couldn’t digest the expression and sneered like motor pump, accelerating the sound of laugh slowly and convincingly. Later, he felt guilty about his carelessness but consoled himself through another distinct self-made belief.

“Incidents like this add flavours in life, without which memory lane remains incomplete,” shrieked Sandeep to himself.

Such pompous belief helps Sandeep to forgive himself consistently and move ahead with non-extinguishable positive spirits.

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Eye Gear...

Many things in life is done without any firm purpose, still one does such range of things because he love to do it. Searching reason behind such purposeless acts is effete and also its evaluation may never be deemed as process of wisdom. So, before extrapolating reasons lets reveal what actually I’m discussing? Which aimless action needed to be observed?

One may easily ascertain it by viewing above picture. Yup! Eye gears. I love it since my childhood. Never had enough money at that time to even think of buying classy glasses but miserly played a lot with costly goggles of my Papaji. May be this liking of mine I have inherited as a patrimony from my father. He at some point of time was eye wear fanatic. His collection of RayBan with many other international brands has always been something to cheer about for enthusiastic cheapskate like me.

Apart from comparing hereditary habits, slowly with age I automatically developed the liking for attractive eye wears. No rumination occurred anytime to determine reason behind such instinctive liking. Generally, variety of people has divergent reasons with them to wear goggles; but for me it is instant impulsive love.

What one can find out while examining the reasons?

Protection of eyes from harmful foreign particles, proper view, adding style et cetera is the justification people entrench in supporting their reason. Although, my perception of wearing it is different, totally an outcome of sheer immature childish behaviour locked behind rare egoistic charm of mine. Furthermore, not even for single moment before encrypting this post I thought – Why the hell I wear these eye gears? Just consistently did it for fun throughout my teenage.

Transition in age and intellect is apparent now but desire for better eye gears is growing consistently. Any resplendent piece automatically adds variety to my large collection of goggles. I have inherent habit of changing it on daily basis because rigidness of any format sucks charm from life.

Buying goggles is another passion and wearing them had become inevitable part of my chore. Moreover, I hate dissolving my pocket over branded ones, as it allows me to change them frequently and also save carefree spending. Must say, branded piece are damn costly and it only help those who wear it for purpose. Therefore, I spend on middle range.

Monstrous disadvantage of keeping eye gear is vulnerable thought of safety. Finding immediate shelter for it after usage is quite a torturous task. Such petty task irritates when we are in between other vital works. I usually hang it in my shirt as a result destroyed uncountable number of them in past few years. Believe me, really love to use them but hate to find its appropriate accommodation after usage.

One unintentional good which goggles do is it adds stupendous bright flavour in my photographs. Also, saves my tiny poor eyes from unnecessary exposure.

Generally it also initiates point for discussion when I hang out with friends. Now, slowly but surely it became significant trapping for strangers to identify me in absence of necessary indications.

Above mentioned was the brief exposition about my smooth experience regarding eye gears. I have habit of ending my posts with eye catchers at the end but surely it’s difficult to elicit something reasonable in this subject. As a result, personal comic belief can be showered below to emblazon the rhythm–

“For me, routine without eye gear is similar to getting ready after bath without any inner wear.”